It’s time to give serious thought to work-from-home IT—it’s not just 2020’s trend anymore

Zero Trust with DNSFilter and Twingate

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Can your infrastructure continue to handle the daily grind of a truly distributed workforce? With most of your employees accessing resources from outside your corporate network, remote access security and maintainability should be top of mind for every security-minded IT professional. Register for this webinar to learn how Twingate and DNSFilter work together to secure your work-from-anywhere organization.

Accelerate your Zero Trust journey and meet the security and productivity demands of a distributed workforce.

Attend this webinar for:

  • The benefits of zero trust (as well as what it is)
  • How Twingate and DNSFilter work together
  • A look at how you can start using Twingate today
  • The inner workings of the DNSFilter dashboard

What’s wrong with remote work today?

Traditional VPNs are often difficult to maintain and scale, leave significant security vulnerabilities if not configured properly, and can degrade network performance for users, leading to lost productivity. Twingate simplifies configuration and protects the modern workforce without changing your existing infrastructure.

You also need to be able to block malicious sites as they’re accessed on remote devices. As employees become the target of malvertising campaigns and phishing emails, it’s more important than ever to filter out security threats in real-time as bad links are clicked. DNSFilter blocks users, at home and in the office, from accessing deceptive sites.

Meet the Speakers


Peter Ahn

Head of Enterprise at Twingate


Kevin McCarty

Account Executive at DNSFilter


Jeremy Linden

Head of Product at Twingate

About Twingate

Twingate was founded with the goal of helping businesses easily implement Zero Trust Network Access without compromising security, usability, or performance. We believe that “Work from Anywhere” should just work.

Twingate replaces legacy VPNs with a modern Identity-First Networking solution that combines enterprise-grade security with a consumer-grade user experience. It can be set up in less than 15 minutes and integrates with all major cloud providers and IdPs. Twingate helps companies move towards a SASE architecture by tying every network event to an identity—user, device, and environment—giving businesses unparalleled control and visibility over activity across their entire network.


Mikey Pruitt

Product Manager at DNSFilter

About DNSFilter

DNSFilter is the simplest and most powerful content filtering solution available. Backed by artificial intelligence and the industry’s largest anycast network, every single click a user makes is protected. We block brand new, never-before-seen threats up to 59 hours before other content filtering providers.

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and being true partners to our MSP customers. Our goal is to make filtering as easy as possible so our users don’t have to think about cybersecurity.