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About DNSFilter

DNSFilter is the simplest and most powerful content filtering solution available. Backed by artificial intelligence and the industry’s largest anycast network, every single click a user makes is protected. We block brand new, never-before-seen threats up to 59 hours before other content filtering providers.

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and being true partners to our MSP customers. Our goal is to make filtering as easy as possible so our users don’t have to think about cybersecurity.


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  • Many addon features
  • Fully responsive & adaptive
  • SEO optimized
  • Attractive with a modern touch
  • Full Support

Larger Network

We operate the largest amount of datacenter locations in the industry so you get a lightning fast connection, no matter where you are.

Off-Network Protection

DNSFilter is available on all major operating systems. Prevent access to unwanted and malicious content on all devices, on and off your network.

Powered By AI

DNSFilter is the only DNS threat protection software that provides real-time domain analysis, protecting you from 0-day threats.